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We are a group of OOH industry veterans led by Cedric Bernard, who united to make advertising media available to all. We’ve held leadership positions at the most recognized names across all sectors of the business, including the largest agencies, software, data, and ad tech companies. We’ve seen it all, and we deliver.


Do in eight minutes what used to take forty hours.

Adkom makes it so efficient to launch a national campaign!

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Guaranteed Placement

Adkom secures guaranteed, premium digital and static inventory across the network to reach your campaign objectives.

Tech at Heart

Because our internally-developed technology already delivers programmatic buys to the largest number of digital independent media owners in the country, we can quickly deliver guaranteed campaigns seamlessly to each and every inch and pixel of our platform.

Efficiencies at Scale

Adkom accesses real-time availabilities so you can know immediately which locations, which sizes, which type, and how soon you can launch the next big campaign.


Adkom eliminates fragmentation among hundreds of independent media owners across the USA. Our technology is used nationwide to ensure that Adkom delivers the audiences and locations necessary for national brands and agencies to buy new inventory at scale.

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