Out-of-Home Simplified

The out-of-home industry is fragmented. Over 40% of all media is owned by small media vendors, making planning a national outdoor advertising campaign difficult and time-consuming. Managing so many separate vendor relationships, from variable timelines and contracts to inventory availability, is a drain for marketing managers and media buyers.

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Adkom Takes the Pressure Off Buying OOH

Founded in 2020 with the vision of unifying the out-of-home industry and making OOH accessible to all, Adkom offers a proprietary platform that unlocks access to over 350 media vendors and 70,000 units in nearly 200 markets across the US. All it takes to tap into this media network is a single RFP. We’ll handle the rest.

The Adkom Media Network

Adkom is the nation’s largest out-of-home media network. By “media network,”
we mean a platform that brings media buyers and owners together in one place
to deliver efficiency, scale and reach. Our network relies first on our media partner relationships and second on our unique technology that streamlines the buying process.

A Platform That Brings It All Together

This blend of technology and relationships allows Adkom to deliver impactful media in markets that matter, offering guaranteed space in a wide range of media formats across the US. From major metropolitan areas to small towns and rural countryside, from billboard spectaculars to window posters and HD projections on cars, Adkom helps you get in front of your audience wherever they are.

Better Decision Making Drives Campaign Success

The data and technology components of the out-of-home industry are progressing in leaps and bounds to catch up to online advertising in terms of targeting, trackability, and data capture. The industry is becoming more sophisticated, allowing outdoor media to create truly spectacular consumer experiences.

But first and foremost, out-of-home’s greatest strength is in its ability to build brand awareness. And in a hyper-competitive world where consumers are bombarded on all sides with corporate messaging and advertising, standing out is more challenging and necessary than ever.


Branding Insights to Help You Stand Out

That’s why Adkom has created a content hub to help companies intelligently drive decision-making around integrating out-of-home into their brand-building endeavors. From articles in our Brand Lab to our Brand-Day weekly series on LinkedIn to the Adkom Sentinel newsletter, we deliver insights and actionable advice to help
make your media plans and, ultimately, your brand thrive
and be more robust.

Over Fifty Years of OOH Experience

Adkom’s CEO, Cedric Bernard, has held leadership positions at such illustrious companies as Dentsu, Publicis Groupe, and WPP’s Kinetic, where he ended his tenure as Co-CEO, North America. Cedric built a talented sales team with dozens of years of industry experience at top media companies like Intersection, JCDecaux, Kinetic, Firefly, and Zoom Media. Their knowledge and extensive agency experience are how we make activating an OOH campaign so efficient and effective.

Cedric Bernard

Cedric Bernard

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Farnkopf

Chris Farnkopf

Vice President of National Sales


Andy Gotshalk

VP of Programmatic Media


Chad Smith

Head of Media Owner Supply


Alexandria Fatianow

National Account Executive


Aaron Kim

National Account Executive


John Pettit

National Account Executive


Edward Andrews

Sales Consultant

Rachel Breton

Rachel Breton

Manager, Sales Coordination


Taylor Lytle

Sales Coordinator

Varsha Saravana

Varsha Saravana

Sales Coordinator

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