Out-of-Home is the
Brand Building Medium

TV viewership is down while ad costs are rising. Digital is losing effectiveness thanks to “banner blindness” while CPMs are climbing higher. Even “free” traffic sources like SEO and organic social media are getting so competitive that standing out is hard.


Amidst the challenges of a fragmenting media landscape, out-of-home emerges as one of the most trusted, impactful advertising formats. It’s hard to ignore (in fact, research shows that more people notice it than ever), it grabs attention, it communicates impactfully, and consumers prefer it above most other channels.


As a brand-building tool,
Out-of-Home (OOH) leads the pack.
But today, the targeting and measurement capabilities of OOH are approaching that of online formats, meaning OOH can drive top and bottom-of-the-funnel activity. And it does so with enough impact to easily get your message across.


Advertise Where
Your Competitors Aren’t

Building your brand means standing out from the competition. How better to do that than to advertise where your competitors aren’t?

Adkom represents a network of over 350 media vendors. Most national brands can’t access these vendors because working with multiple individual media owners is too complicated and time-consuming.

This means most of the media units we represent (many exclusively) have never been used by a brand big enough to run a national campaign. This allows you to get in front of your audience in place where your competitors haven’t, granting you an edge in brand awareness.

Adkom Makes OOH Easy

On your own, building a national campaign across multiple media vendors is too time-consuming. Various media owners have different install pricing, timelines, board sizes, posting cycles, and cancellation policies. Chasing them for answers is a full-time job.

Adkom’s proprietary platform and exclusive partnerships simplify the buying process. We manage each and every vendor relationship, so you don’t have to, allowing you to focus on simply building and executing a strong media plan.

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How Adkom Works for Brands


Contact us to get connected with a dedicated account representative.

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Tell them about your campaign goals and where you want to activate.

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They’ll propose available inventory and the best way to leverage it.

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After your approval, we’ll make it happen; your job is done!

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