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Accessing the 40% of out-of-home media inventory in the US not owned by the largest outdoor media companies is tough. You have to navigate multiple vendor relationships, which takes time and makes scaling a national out-of-home campaign difficult.

Various vendors have different install pricing, timelines, board sizes, posting cycles, and cancellation policies. Coordinating between these vendors makes it tough to deliver on a media plan to your client. That’s where Adkom steps in.

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A Single Source for Impactful Media in Markets That Matter

With over 350 media partners across the country, in nearly any market your clients needs, Adkom provides a platform to access 70,000 out-of-home media units, all with a single RFP.

Whether you want traditional billboards to make a splash in Boise, Digital Carts to grab 100% share-of-voice on a New York City street, or even a digital spectacular in Atlanta, Adkom manages all the vendor relationships, so you don’t have to. Tell us what you need, and our managed service program will see your media plan activated as easily as any online campaign.

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Inventory That Makes an Impact

The breadth of media formats and markets our inventory covers ensures that you’ll have plenty of choice in how you help your clients stand out. Because of the challenge of working with multiple small media vendors, most national brands have not leveraged the media Adkom offers. Additionally, much of our inventory is exclusive to us, meaning going through Adkom is the only way to access it. This means that you have the opportunity to advertise your clients’ brands on media where their competitors have never been, a potent way to grab attention.


How Adkom Works for Agencies

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Tell them about your campaign goals and where you want to activate.

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They’ll propose available inventory and the best way to leverage it.

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Immediate Availability &
Guaranteed OOH Space

Effectively executing your clients’ media plans requires eliminating uncertainty. Adkom’s system integrates with partners’ scheduling systems, providing instant availability, so you don’t have to chase individual vendors and wait for days to find out if that billboard spectacular that your client NEEDS is actually available.

Additionally, our media spaces are guaranteed, meaning you’re not dependent on a bidding algorithm to decide when and where your client’s campaign will appear. Together, these features allow you to reliably execute your media plan, predicting timetables, budgets, and more.

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Sign up for the industry’s premier OOH + brand building newsletter.

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