July 22, 2022
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    BRAND DAY, Episode 4:

    Brand Positioning and Finding Differentiation

    In last week’s issue of Brand-day, we touched on the topic of brand positioning. Brand positioning is the process of positioning your brand in the minds of your target audience. Whereas logos, taglines, colors, etcetera are all components of your brand imagery, positioning is the strategy that defines how you create those brand components. 

    The goal with positioning is to find that one idea that differentiates you from the competition in the minds of your prospects and customers. It should be relevant to your customers, be true to your company’s identity, make sense given the context of what’s going on in your industry at the time, and set you apart within your industry. 

    Once you’ve established your brand position, it becomes a guiding beacon for all of your brand communications. It builds the consistent messaging we discussed last week, informing what you say and how you say it across all channels, including OOH. And as one of the leading media for building brand awareness, OOH is an excellent tool for communicating your brand position. 

    Check out this master guide to brand positioning from Hubspot for more information (or read anything by Jack Trout, the father of positioning). Brand-day is a weekly series by Adkom recognizing the importance of building brand awareness in an attribution-first world.