July 29, 2022
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    BRAND DAY, Episode 2:

    Can Out-of-Home Create Word-of-Mouth?

    Trust is critical to brand building, and word-of-mouth builds trust better than just about anything. But only 3% of word-of-mouth happens on social (and nearly 70% still happens face-to-face). So how can OOH create WOM? Creating buzz requires excitement and curiosity. Try developing a branded keyword or phrase (one that stimulates curiosity) that you can build a community around online. Use the phrase on your billboards, triggering someone to search online. Tie that phrase into a custom landing page and hashtag on social. Because over 80% of younger people say they would reshare an OOH ad on social (@Out of Home Advertising Association of America poll), OOH provides an excellent opportunity to connect offline and online word-of-mouth.


    Brand Day is a weekly series by Adkom recognizing the importance of building brand awareness in an attribution-first world.