July 22, 2022
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    BRAND DAY, Episode 6:

    It Pays to Simplify Brand Communication and Creative

    Simplicity pays in brand communication and design. That’s what the agency Siegel+Gale found in the 9th edition of their World’s Simplest Brands research report.

    In a survey of over 15,000 consumers in 9 countries, covering 25 industries and over 800 brands, researchers found that simplicity matters (and it pays well). Check out These Highlights:

    • 57% premium - the number of respondents willing to pay more for simpler experiences
    • 76% loyalty - the percentage of respondents more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications
    • 1,600% - the amount by which a portfolio of the world’s simplest brands has beaten the average global stock index since 2009
    • $402 billion - the amount of money brands leave on the table when they don’t simplify 

    Respondents were polled on how they rated the simplicity/complexity of a given brand’s products, services, interactions, and communications in regard to its industry peers. 

    Drawing on this, how would your products, messaging, and the overall experience you provide your customers rank on a scale of simplicity? How might you simplify these facets of your business to deliver on a relationship with your customers that would make them happy to pay more, stay longer, and spread the word about your brand?

    One benefit of out-of-home is that it forces your communication to be simple. You have a maximum of 8 words to get your message across, forcing you to think intelligently about how to best create an interplay between the written word and imagery to generate the greatest impact. 

    Apply this logic to your billboard campaign, but remember to scale it up to the brand level as well. 
    Brand-day is a new weekly series by Adkom recognizing the importance of building brand awareness in an attribution-first world.