July 27, 2022
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    BRAND DAY, Episode 3

    Messaging Consistency

    How do you leverage Out-of-Home for brand awareness? 

    It begins at the strategic level, with creating consistent brand messaging. 

    Your brand messaging is the core communications you want your customers and prospects to receive about your brand. How they are expressed in various media may differ, but the core messages need to remain consistent to contribute to your brand growth. 

    You create these consistent messages through positioning - the strategic work you do to define the idea you want your brand to stand for in the mind of your audience. Your brand position dictates the messages you use, which in turn are translated into creative expressions in your advertising. 

    When you leverage consistent messaging across all your platforms, both online and offline, it reinforces your brand position. 

    So should all your billboards look the same? No, but they should communicate the same message. 

    Brand-day is a weekly series by @Adkom recognizing the importance of building brand awareness in an attribution-first world.